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TEST C5050-101:IBM Certified Solution Architect - SoftLayer V1

An IBM Certified Solution Architect - SoftLayer V1 is a person who can analyze, design, architect and demonstrate IBM SoftLayer infrastructure based upon the workload requirements from a client.

They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation or relevant subject matter experts and know how to contact SoftLayer to get assistance.

    Key areas of competency include:
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide a customer with a logical diagram foundation to meet their requirements and a roadmap to get there.
  • Architect a comprehensive solution that utilizes the IBM offerings and skills required.
    The following qualifications are requirements for success:
  • Basic knowledge of industry cloud computing principles
  • Working knowledge of IBM SoftLayer
  • Working knowledge of designing a comprehensive solution based on logical diagrams
  • Working knowledge of how to implement and customize the solution
  • Working knowledge of the various types of clouds and -as a service- offerings


Basic knowledge of IBM consulting principles

Working knowledge of the concepts covered in the IBM


Test C5050-101: IBM SoftLayer Solution Architect V1


SoftLayer Solutions Design